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If you’re looking for metal fabricated stairs in Lockbourne or the surrounding areas, Pinnacle Metal is the place to look. Pinnacle Metal Products has been producing great metal staircases and other structures right here in Ohio since 1998.

Ordering metal fabricated stairs in Lockbourne isn’t a hassle with Pinnacle Metal. Just head over to to check out some of our previously completed projects, request a quote, or take a look at the services we offer. We provide services for both commercial and residential projects, so you can have metal stairs in your home, office, school, apartment building, or industrial building.

What’s the difference between metal stairs and other types?

  • Metal stairs are more durable and versatile
  • The flexible metal allows for customization and stylish design
  • Metal staircases are much easier to install
  • Since rain, wind, and other elements have little effect on these staircases, they last much longer than others made of wood, concrete, or other materials.
  • Easy to clean and maintain

If you’ve been searching for a place to order custom metal fabricated stairs in Lockbourne, your search is over! Click here to see some of our previously completed structures.

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