From Prefabricated Steel Stairs to Metal Railings Pinnacle Does It All

At Pinnacle Metal Products, we don’t do just one kind of project. Our projects are tailor made to our client’s expectations and vision for the look of their completed building. That’s why we pride ourselves on being able to give our customers exactly what they want. Whether they need prefabricated steel stairs with no bells or whistles, or a steel metal railing for their outdoor ladders, we can get what our clients need done on time and up to code.

Here, you can see the vast array of projects that we have completed for clients. Many of our projects are prefabricated steel stairs for our clients’ buildings; however, we have also created works of art for the Columbus State Community College campus and Town Entrance archways into Gahanna, Ohio. Each of our projects has its own flavor and matches the vision our clients had for their metalwork.

Browse our project galleries below and imagine what Pinnacle Metal Products can do for you and your next project. Because we work with each of our clients individually to find the perfect solution to their problem, none of our projects are cookie cutter and all of them are unique. Work with Pinnacle Metal Products to find the prefabricated steel stairs, steel metal railings, or anything in between. We’ll work with you to create something amazing. Click on one of our past projects below to begin reimagining your next metal project.

Check out Pinnacle Metal Product’s dedication to quality metal fabrication by just clicking on a picture of one of our past projects!